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Magician for Private Party

Magician for Private Party Magician for Private Party

I was thrilled to perform for an exclusive 50th birthday party at The Wolseley in London in their own private room.

The best bit was that they were all ladies!

Executive ladies, watching executive table magic.

We had such a ball, and a great laugh, and all the ladies were suitably impressed with my unique style of table magic.

It is great to perform in such an intimate space, and all appreciated the magic I performed with cards, coins, money and bottles!

The party was a complete surprise for the Birthday Girl, which made the day extra special for her!

She loved my magic, and has already booked me for her 51st!

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Magic of the Movies

magician at pinewood studiosMovie Magic

I was thrilled to be working at Pinewood studios, where some of the greatest films ever have been made!

It was extra special as their current productions include ‘Fury’ and ‘Exodus’ and ‘Cinderella’.

During lunch I decided to take a walk in their fabulous gardens, which is also used for filming. There were remnants from shooting Cinderella still there!

While walking around, I just happened to bump into Brad Pitt who is the lead role in ‘Fury’, then Ridley Scott, director of ‘Exodus’ and then Sigourney Weaver, dressed like Cleopatra! Not bad for a 15 minute walk!

You can hire out their big restaurant for private functions, and hire a magician in Buckinghamshire like me for close up magic, table magic or cabaret magic.

What a great Lunch!

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Magician for Trade Show

magician for trade showMagician for Trade Show

On this occasion the magician for trade show was all about me!
I hired a space at a wedding fair, and it was just like working at a trade show, attracting members of the public to stop at my stand so that I could show them some of my remarkable close up magic.
It was a great success as I gained 5 bookings from the event!
The public were very impressed with my sleight of hand magic and my personality, and booked me on the spot!

A great day indeed!

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Celebrity Magician

celebrity magicianCelebrity Magicians

I was thrilled to be invited once again to The Big Brother wrap party for the crew and celebrities who took part in  the 2013 TV series of Big Brother.
At a secret location, being one of only a few celebrity magicians, I was able to amaze some wonderful friends, as well as enjoy myself.
Sometimes being a celebrity magician pays off, as It gets you lots of free drinks, as well as having some great chats with celebs.
Close up magic is great as an ice breaker to any event and at these sorts of parties, magic hits the spot!

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Bar mitzvah Entertainment

Bar mitzvah EntertainmentBar mitzvah Entertainment

When looking for Bar mitzvah (some people spell it barmitzvah) entertainment, then Bar mitzvah magic is the perfect ice breaker for the family and friends to enjoy.

Mix and mingling or table magic, or even a cabaret can all be performed at your simcha!

Darryl is a highly skilled professional magician, who knows what his clients need are! Bar mitzvah entertainment can be complicated as there is loads of dancing between meals as well as grace before and after meals, which stops the flow of some functions.

Darryl makes sure that everyone sees his amazing magic, and that the kids tables are well looked after!

So when looking for entertainment at your bar mitzvah, give Darryl a call!

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Magician for Wedding

wedding magicianMagician for Wedding

When Nick and Cath were looking for a magician for wedding, they gave me a call, and like what I had to say, and booked me.

They were absolutely thrilled with my mix and mingle magic while photographs were being taken, followed by my amazing close up table magic.

I spent 2.5 hours with them and their family and friends, and every minute was a great laugh full of wonder and bewilderment.

Both Nick and Cath were so happy, that they promised to call their first child Darryl after me!

I cannot wait to meet baby Darryl on their first anniversary!

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Award Winning Toilet!

award winning famous magician in a toilet!DOWN THE PAN – Magician for Hire 🙂

So what is an award winning magician for hire doing in an award winning toilet?

Well I was under the Chelsea Football club stands in Mr Roman Abramovich’s nightclub for the series finale awards night with all the cast and crew from the award winning TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’.

The said toilet, if I don’t say myself was very nice, and although I did not take any picture in the WC, I’m sure you can guess that like myself, it’s the best money can buy!

I suggest that next time you fancy a high end pee, or a high end elite magician for hire, you know exactly where to go!

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Monaco Grand Prix Magic

famous magicianMagic in Monaco

I was thrilled to be invited to Monaco for the Grand Prix.

The Redbull Team threw a party on their boat, which was simply amazing!

The magician and magic for all the guests went down a storm too!

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FFFF Magician

FFFF Magician – Official

FFFF Award

It’s official, my ‘Batchelor of Magic Diploma’ was awarded by Obie O’Brien, The Dean of FFFF for my performance of my very own effect ‘The Apprentice‘ which I performed in front of 200 of the worlds best magicians.

I had an absolute ball performing to everyone, as as my friend Nick commented, it was like performing to authors of the magic books in my library. A who’s who of magicians.


FFFF MagicianFFFF is the original close up magic convention, and magicians complemented me on my performance, which lasted 9 minutes.

I can now say I’m a FFFF Magician, and I must always wear the FFFF pin badge whenever Obie is in town, otherwise I will get fined £££

I’m looking forward to my invite for next year, so I can get my ‘Masters’ Diploma, and have some more magic fun with other FFFF Magicians!

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4F Magic Convention

MAGIC IN NEW YORK4f Magic Convention


I was honoured to be invited to the ‘Invitation Only’ 4F magic convention in Batavia, New York to perform my magic.

Only 200 of the world’s best performers ever get invited to this annual event that has taken place every year for the past 43 years.

The 4F magic convention is also known as FFFF which stands for Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic.

Magicians from 27 countries fly in for this 4 day convention.

New York Magician

It is 24 hour non stop magic shows, lectures and performances, and it’s a fabulous experience spending time with ‘big names’ in the world of magic.

One new friend I met is Mike Maione from New York, who has great new effect out, which will probably end up in my cabaret show.


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