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4F and Half an hour in Canada

Niagara Falls magicianThank you BA for giving me a free upgrade, when I flew to Chicago, and then onto Buffalo, New York for the FFFF magic convention.

I decided to stay in Niagara for the night so that I could meet some friends, and at 10pm we decided to drive across the border into Canada, so we could see The Falls from the Canadian side.

It was beautifully lit up, and worth every second being there.

The falls are so pretty and magical.

We were only in Canada for half hour until we drove back, just to the other side.

At lease I have another stamp in my passport!


Niagara Magic by day


The following morning, staying on the USA side, we went on Maid of The Mist for a trip of a lifetime on board the boat which sails under the falls.Watching a million gallons a second tumble of the falls is a unique experience.

To say we got wet was an understatement, by fortunately I kept dry courtesy of the freebie blue poncho!


Niagara Magic


Niagara is a beautiful, a real wonder of the world and is well recommended if you are upstate!












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Bar mitzvah Magic

Now, this what you call Bar mitzvah magic.

When Jorel wanted something different as a party invitation, he and his Dad came up with this!

It’s genius!

I just hope his choice for bar mitzvah magic is a s well thought out as his invitation.

When you want the best experienced magician for your simcha, then I can help you out.

I am extremely experienced in entertaining at bar & bat mitzvahs, and although I am not a baby sitter, I do spend extra time with the ‘young adults’ who tend to be a little less patient these days!

Mix and mingle magic, Close up magic & Cabaret magic, can make your party even more memorable.

Give Darryl a Call 07970 624 424

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TJX Europe Corporate Magician!

corporate magician and famous magicianCorporate Magician

Last week, when TJX Europe Ltd needed some corporate entertainment, they called me up to supply 4 close up magicians to perform mix and mingle magic for 750 of their management team around the world.

My client wanted some famous magicians and corporate magician from the UK, and I did not disappoint!

TJX are the holing company for TK Maxx and Home Sense in the UK and TJ Maxx and Marshalls in the USA. My client was looking for quality magic and quality magicians. I was very glad to help out and perform some of my amazing corporate magic to staff from all over Europe and the USA.

I tailor made a particular effect unique to TJX which was received with great accolade.

I have just received this email form them:

Dear Darryl

I just wanted to drop an email to say thanks for providing such great
entertainment last  Monday evening.  We have had such great feedback, and a
fantastic evening was had by all…….Well,  you are now in my address book for any future events!

TJX Europe

So remember when you want some magicians for hire give me a call on 07970 624 424

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The Lady Taverners 25th Anniversay Lunch

Lady Taverners MagicianToday The Lady Taverners held their 25th Anniversary Valentines Lunch at Langan’s Brasserie.

When they were looking for quality magic and a magician who knows how to entertain celebrities, they called yours truly to help out!

I performed mix and mingle magic during their champagne reception followed by my unique close up magic around the tables.

The most wonderful Judith Chalmers O.B.E and her Husband Neil Durdan-Smith O.B.E were fantastic hosts for the event and said I ‘…..was simply Briilliant & Outstanding!’

Nicholas Parsons O.B.E said I was “….the best magician he has seen”

Angela Rippon O.B.E said …..”Absolutely Amazing”……

Author Felix Francis said “I think I know what you are doing, but I simply have no idea!”

Both the late Sir Bobby Moore’s widows were also entertained by Darryl’s creative magic, and help lift their day!

Charmian Margaret Price together with Langan’s owner Richard Shepherd all had a fantastic time, and I too had a ball.


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FFFF Close up Magic being attended by Famous London Magician Darryl Rose

Top London Magician is appearing at FFFF ConventionFFFF Magic Convention invites London Close up magician Darryl Rose from London, England

Well, being a close up magician London, I am thrilled to bits to be invited next year to FFFF Magic convention, which is an invite only event in Buffalo, New York and is the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world.

The worlds best close up magic performers gather for 4 days for for finger flicking fun, and part of my initiation, I have to perform an amazing magic trick to my peers.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to perform, but I could perform my very own creations ‘Inflated Odds’ or ‘The Apprentice’.

I still have plenty of time to decide, but all I know is that I am not going to have much sleep, as most stay up all night discussing magic, close up and cabaret performances, and what with my jet lag from jolly old London, England  its going to be fun!

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to wishing everyone a very Happy and Magical Christmas!

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Just had this great email from Oracle Systems, who hired me to magish for them at their Christmas party.

It was a great delight to perform for them all!

Hi Darryl,

Thanks very much indeed for this follow and, and thanks again for doing such a brilliant job entertaining the delegates last week.

It is still a complete mystery to me how you managed to change a deck of cards into a clear Perspex block when I was in constant physical contact with the cards, or retrieved a signed card from a sealed envelope from a zipped compartment in your wallet having just seen it placed back into the deck! I also still bear the scars of trying to eat a meal with a bent fork after Uri Geller had a go at it (only joking!).

Your ‘wizardry’ made the evening. Thank you!

Have a very happy Xmas.

Best wishes,



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Another Big Thank You!

I love my job when I receive fabulous emails like this one below.

I performed mix and mingle magic, followed by close up magic around the tables………..

‘Dear Darryl,

Just a quick message to thank you for all the magic at our Barmitzvah on Sunday, I know all
the adults enjoyed it and so did the children.

We have had lovely comments from friends and family who really enjoyed watching you so there may be some bookings
from them in the future, that’s certainly how we found you.

Thank you again,

Michelle, Alan, Jake & Sophie ‘

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Christmas Party Magician

If you are booking a magician for your Christmas party you will be glad that you have found me.

Give me a call on 020 8950 5666 and I’ll be very happy to talk to you about hiring a magician.

I have a few dates still available in December, and have a team of excellent performers who can help out when I’m busy or if you need more than one of us!

Great Magic adds class and amazement for any party, and gets your guests talking!

Being a Member of The Inner Magic Circle, I am a full time magician based in London and travel all over the country and world.

If It’s close up magic, or cabaret magic I can fulfill your needs and will also try to fulfill your budget!

Call now for 100% free advice. 07970 624 424

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The 100th Royal Variety Perfomance

The Magic boys are in town!The Magic boys were in town tonight for the 100th Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip at The Royal Albert Hall.

I am a big supporter of The Entertainment Artists Benevolent Fund having performed fro the residents at Brinsworth House for their Christmas parties.

Every year it get tickets for Paul Phear from Magic FM, Steve Allen from London’s LBC and my family to see the show.

I was delighted to see again Kye Sones, who was on X Factor and is a great singer/songwriter. He happens to be the son of another one of my friends who is a Member of The Magic Circle.

It was great show,but its just a real shame that there was no magic or magicians on the bill……Just a short clip of Tommy Cooper and Las vegas magician Lance Burton.

It was a great show with huge names like Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams, Kylie and Neil Diamond, but for me it was little old Bill Bailey who stole the crown as far as entertainment!

Bring back Magicians please, failing that you could book a live magician yourself like me! click HERE

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