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International Magic Convention

The highlight of the year is when us magicians get together for a convention in good old London Town.

Close up performers, stage magicians and illusionists all get together before the Christmas party rush to be inspired by top performers from around the world.

This year was no exception, and I was delighted to bring my daughter Scarlett along for her first magic convention.

Juan Tamariz from Spain, who is considered to be one of the best close up magicians in the world was one of the first magicians that Scarlett learnt from…..Not bad for a 9 year old!

Here she is pictured with David Berglas, Past president of The Magic Circle and Juan!

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Thank you from The Marlands

Wow….Just had an email from The Marlands Shopping Centre about my close up and mix and mingle magic I performed last Friday night.

It says:

Thank you  very much for entertaining our guests on Friday night. The feedback we have had has been fantastic. Enjoyed by all.

We have had a few magicians at our events in the past and you are by far the best we have seen.

So thanks again and we hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a great New year.

Praise Indeed! I’d like to thank everyone who gave feedback to my client, and I wish you all a great Christmas!

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Not so magic on the M3!

I was booked tonight to perform my magic down in Southampton at 7pm for my first Christmas party of the year at The Marlands Shopping Centre’s awards banquet. I was booked to perform mix and mingle magic together with close up around the tables.
As it was a Friday night I always allow a little extra time for weekend traffic. I decided to leave at 3.30pm so I could arrive about 5.30, relax set up my magic and wait casually for the 7pm start.
Unfortunately at 4.15pm I was stuck on a closed M3 for 1.5 hours due to a serious accident on the other side of the carriage way which involved the fantastic air ambulance.
Whilst frustrating it is sitting in traffic, I arrived at 6.55pm, quickly set myself up and started bang on 7pm as if nothing had happened!
Everyone enjoyed my magic including my new magical effect which leaves them with money in their hands for them to keep for real!
Everyone had a great magical time and my journey back home was reduced from 3.5 hours to just 1.5 hours.
Moral of this story………..Always leave yourself plenty of time to get to your gig!

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Vegas Baby

Well, I’ve just returned from Las Vegas being with and performing to some Leg ends of Magic.

Seigfred & Roy, Lance Burton, Penn and Teller, Chris Angel, Mac King, Doc Eason, Peter Reveen, Norm Neilson, Paul Vigil, Kevin James, The Amazing Jonathan & Johnny Thompson to name but a few!

I had a fantastic time and my new magic effects, Inflated Odds, The Apprentice and Cash or Credit went down a storm.

I got to meet up with my mate Justin Flom, who has had 3 million hits on you tube for his soldier deck of cards.

It was great to meet Scott Alexander and Kyle & Misty Knight!

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Sir Ian McKellen at The Magic Circle

sir ian with darryl roseI was thrilled last night to see Sir Ian McKellen again, who came to our London headquarters fort he UK premier of his new short film, ‘The Egg Trick’, featuring Preston Nyman, son of my friend & great magician Andy!
It’s based on the Egg trick made famous by The Magic Circle’s first president David Devant, and sees Sir Ian playing the part of a Magician!
“David Devant performed ‘The Egg Trick’ on stage, with the help of a girl and a boy from the audience. During the trick he would produce masses of eggs from an empty top hat faster and faster, handing these to the children to look after. Naturally, there were too many eggs for the children to hold and they smashed all over the stage!
It was during a Royal command performance where Queen Alexandra apparently laughed out loud to this masterpiece of magical comedy.
Afterwards, I recalled a story to Sir Ian from around 18 years ago when I had first performed for him at a party, which he remembered like it was yesterday!
I was booked by the author Ken Follet to perform mix and mingle and close up magic for a private party at his home in Chelsea, London. I remember changing in his library upstairs, where he writes all his best sellers, and as came back down, I noticed a framed ‘cashed cheque’ made payable to HM Revenue and Customs for £1,000,000 only. That was in 1994!
The party consisted of the entire Labour party who were in shadow government at the time, with John Smith the leader who asked me if I could make the Conservative government disappear…..How some thing never change!
Every labour supporting celebrity was there, and a good time was had by all…..especially Robin Cook who was pi**ed as a fart!

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Olympic Party is over but the magic lives on!

magic lives onThe Olympic Party may be over, but its still still alive and well in Darryl’s world.

Just think if you need to add smiles or laughs at your party, then Darryl is your perfect magician to entertain you and your guests.

Close up, mind reading, pick pocketing or cabaret, let Darryl give you back that sense of wonderment that you have had during the glorious summer months of London 2012.

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The National Reality TV Awards 2012 hires the Stars Favourite Magician

Magic in London for the national reality TV awards 2012The Stars Favourite Magician – Darryl Rose MIMC conjured up his own magic reality at the National Reality TV Awards held at The Porchester Hall in London on 30th September 2012
Stars from TOWIE, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Made in Chelsea, The Apprentice, I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!, Big Brother, The X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent got a taste of ‘real’ close up magic.

Performing close up and mix and mingle, Darryl amazed all the celebrities present!

Keith Chegwin who won the Lifetime Achievement Award was thoroughly amazed as Darryl also won him £20 notes from plain lottery tickets!…He said Darryl was ‘Unbelievably Amazing!’

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The Olympics are in Town, and so is the Olympic magician

close up magic at London 2012I’m expecting great magical things to happen over the next few weeks with the Olympics an Paralympics here in London, the most magical city in the world.

Why not add a little magic to your parties with The Stars Favourite Magician your Olympic magician!

Let Darryl conjure up gold for you, as Bronze is simply not good enough for you!

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Darryl Raises Money with The Olympic Torch

Darryl Rose, Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star conjured up the Olympic Torch at The world famous Magic Circle on Monday night.

After magically producing it from nowhere, Darryl let members have their photos taken with it for a donation to the  CICRA Charity (The Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association

£140 + gift aid was raised.

Darryl’s sister Amanda was 10 years old when she was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis , and both Darryl’s brother, Mark & niece, Paige (14 years old) both from Harrow suffer from Crohns.

New magician on the block ‘Dynamo’ also suffers with Crohns and both he and Darryl are trying to make their magic work by making the disease disappear.

Jack Delvin, President of The Magic Circle said: “I have seen every trick in the book, but even I don’t know how Darryl Made that Olympic Torch appear in our clubroom!”

Here is a photo of Darryl Rose MIMC and Jack Delvin MIMC, President of The Magic Circle.”

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The Lady Ratling’s Ball!

Darryl Had a fabulous time at The Royal Lancaster in London performing his close up magic for Steve Allen from LBC 97.3, National Treasure – Barbara Windsor, Wayne Sleep, Brian May and Anita Dobson to name but a few who were guests at The Lady Ratlings Ball. Babs Bruce, The Queen Rat wrote to say “…everyone really appreciated your performance and the all loved the ‘magic of the evening”

Find out more about Darryl by clicking on this link.

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