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The Card Shark Show

The Card SharkThe Card Shark Show


I am so thrilled that 1 year on, my friend Steve Truglia’s show ‘The Card Shark Show’ is going from strength to strength!

Steve amazes London’s West End Audiences with classic card tricks, cheats and scams in this unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images music and live camera action, to bring close up magic to every audience member.

Steve is also an accomplished stunt coordinator and action director, adding another layer to his interest in the use of ‘smoke and mirrors’. A lifelong fascination with the colourful history of gambling cheating with cards, and it’s influence on modern close up magic, led Steve to write and produce The Card Shark Show.

Artistic direction by Joanie Spina (David Copperfield, Ghost the Musical on Broadway).

The show takes the audience on an historical whistle stop tour of the characters, stories and techniques, utilised by these shadowy figures. From Medieval Witchcraft, to the Wild West, through to 1930?s gangsters, street con artists and beyond, we see how these cheats influenced modern card magic and sleight of hand.

I’m thrilled to have a credit in his program for giving him some advice, and I encourage you all to go and see it!


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Celebrity Magician

celebrity magicianCelebrity Magicians

I was thrilled to be invited once again to The Big Brother wrap party for the crew and celebrities who took part in  the 2013 TV series of Big Brother.
At a secret location, being one of only a few celebrity magicians, I was able to amaze some wonderful friends, as well as enjoy myself.
Sometimes being a celebrity magician pays off, as It gets you lots of free drinks, as well as having some great chats with celebs.
Close up magic is great as an ice breaker to any event and at these sorts of parties, magic hits the spot!

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