Darryl Rose

How Magic Impress People of Every Age?

What is the thing that makes magic, so special? Darryl Rose ,who has been performing for the people from years and the things seems to be new still, that is how he amazed people with his illusions. The effect on the people is not remembered, but the only thing that is remembered is the name “Darryl Rose”. Magic has a profound effect on people and for this the magic should be used when you are out to meet someone.

To him, it does not matter at all that which magic trick is being performed. Whether it is close up magic, pick pocket or any. He is always ready to perform everywhere without any prior preparation. This makes him a great and versatile pick pocket magician of London.
According to him, the best way to make people smile is through the magic tricks. So, whenever he is in a restaurant or in a grocery store, never misses a chance to perform magic and make everyone smile. As, he thinks that the more he will practice the better he will get and more number of people will know him.
Without a magic he is just like an ordinary man, waiting for a girl to talk to her and stumbling over the words like a fool. Darryl has astounded audience by performing with his elegant close up magic around tables during a dinner using borrowed items, cards, coins, rope and cutlery. This makes him a well talented and professional wedding magician of London.
By performing magic all around the UK, he has become a super hero and an unforgettable magician of London. And if we talk about women, they are more drawn to the mystical. With the bending nature when he performs an act, he becomes quite attractive to a female.
He is the one that makes magic, unforgettable and with this, he is always prepared to take the advantage of the situations around so as to win millions of hearts with the performance.

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ITV Feature for The Tour de France 2015

I was honoured to be asked by ITV to record some magic card flourishes for The Tour de France 2015.

It was pre recorded at the world famous Ealing Studios, where Downton Abbey is now filmed!

At the studio I changed the for Aces into the Aces with pictures featuring the 6 most famous tour riders.

I must have carried out about 30 different card changes, as well as producing the cards form a wallet which was on fire.

Everything was put into a montage, and inter cut with the riders biographies!

Click below to see me in action!

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How to Succeed as a Magician!

Its human nature to go with the trends. So, when it comes to choosing a profession, most of the people do what others do; that is, they go for very common professions like engineering and medical. A very few think out of the box and go for something very different just like being a magician.
Magic is one of the most wonderful hobbies which in turn can lead to a promising career for the enthusiast.FFFF Magician
It has become so popular, that you will find no end to the number of magician in Sussex and Buckinghamshire today. Choosing a profession is an easy job. However, succeeding in it is daunting, unless you have to pour in all your heart and sole into it and remain hard working.
Your first step should be learning form books, and then you should step towards joining a local magic club. Slowly and steadily, you should become more proficient to your art. While practicing tricks, the best way to find your shortcomings is to shoot your own videos, and watch them back. This way you not only get a chance to improve your skills but see what you look like!
As there are many magician in Buckinghamshire, you should try and watch their live performances. Watching someone performing live is lot different from watching videos.
Consider paying visit to magic shows, then maybe one day you too can become one of the most renowned magicians in the world.
So, besides practicing gaining knowledge from books & videos, you must show commitment and determination!

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Hire a Magician to Make your Event More than Amazing

Parties need an added dynamic. For kids, a glass of fizzy pop and a dance floor, but for adults there has to be something more refined and defined. This is where a party magician Watford comes into its own!
Watford has some of the best magicians in the country, each having exceptional magic skills and the know how to make your event one to remember.
Undoubtedly, your party is important to you because you want to enjoy it yourself, and at the same time, it is just as important that your guests enjoy the entire day as you do. A professional magician can ensure all these things by showcasing their amazing performances throughout your event.Magician-in-Watford
While your guests are waiting around for the meal to begin, your magician can perform table top magic, close up magic, sleight of hand magic and other variants to ensure no one gets bored.
They can perform during the meal using borrowed props from your guests or the ones available on the table.
Hiring a magician in Watford is really a great way to make an event unforgettable. So,besides considering live bands and discos, think about hiring a magician as well.
To find the best magician of all, you have to spend a little time researching making sure that they are Members of The Magic Circle.
So,get surfing and begin your search today!

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Things you Never Knew About Hiring a Close Up Magician!

Discos, live bands and live concerts are the part of everyday events, however, hiring a magician has always been a special experience, for they not only entertain the guests but they also leave them with some unforgettable memories to be cherished forever and after.

barmitzvah magicianIf you see a close up magician in London as an ordinary magician, then you are wrong! The fact is, they are an exception in the world of entertainment and the below mention qualities make them stand out from the other magicians.

  • They perform under your noses, inches away from their audience. This makes magic more visible and ultimately, entertaining.
  • They can perform anywhere! You do not have to make any special arrangements for their performances. Close up magicians performs anywhere, anytime and mostly with any every day objects.
  • They are great value for money. Their services are usually within the budget range set aside for entertainment.
  • They can perform in any style, which means, besides presenting close-up magic, they can also perform as a comedy magician in London, a table top magician, a mind reader magician, pick pocket and many more.

There are many things that are still unrevealed, but the moment you hire them, you will get to experience the wonder of magic and true entertainment.There are different styles of magic, so when organising an event, make sure you choose the right person for the job!

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New York, April 2015

I was delighted to be asked back to New York to perform at the FFFF Magic Festival in front of the top magicians in the world.
I performed a comedy magic piece, which went down very well in front of the gathered audience.

Click on the link to see me in action!

Darryl Performing in New York, April 2015

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This has made my day!

Mentalism magicAn Email Out of the Blue!

This has made my day…Not every day you get an email like this!

Dear Darryl

I’m not sure if you remember, but in Taba airport in Egypt this summer, you found me sitting down, shuffling cards and attempting some card magic. After you had seen my rubbish magic, shown me some insane magic and gone off back home, I realised just how good you really were with your Magic Circle Gold Star which you didn’t mention and your table magic with all the celebrities. That day was probably the best day of my life and it really inspired me to be a magician as good as yourself. You had a proper ‘magic language’ conversation with me about good moves to learn and what you get by on but your tricks were just truly amazing!
You can probably tell I really don’t know how you did 90% of those tricks and I think you are just brilliant but what I am really getting at is that you mentioned the YMC. Thank you for letting me know about it. I am in the process of filling out an application form. I just want you to know that you are my inspiration and if I become a famous or accomplished magician I will be able to thank you for getting me back into it.
I hope that we can be in touch again sometime and I might be able to ask you about anything I don’t understand or need advice about. That would be fantastic.

Sorry for all this mindless rambling about how good you are but you inspired me and that means a lot thank you.


Thank you will….We will keep in touch!

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The Card Shark Show

The Card SharkThe Card Shark Show


I am so thrilled that 1 year on, my friend Steve Truglia’s show ‘The Card Shark Show’ is going from strength to strength!

Steve amazes London’s West End Audiences with classic card tricks, cheats and scams in this unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images music and live camera action, to bring close up magic to every audience member.

Steve is also an accomplished stunt coordinator and action director, adding another layer to his interest in the use of ‘smoke and mirrors’. A lifelong fascination with the colourful history of gambling cheating with cards, and it’s influence on modern close up magic, led Steve to write and produce The Card Shark Show.

Artistic direction by Joanie Spina (David Copperfield, Ghost the Musical on Broadway).

The show takes the audience on an historical whistle stop tour of the characters, stories and techniques, utilised by these shadowy figures. From Medieval Witchcraft, to the Wild West, through to 1930?s gangsters, street con artists and beyond, we see how these cheats influenced modern card magic and sleight of hand.

I’m thrilled to have a credit in his program for giving him some advice, and I encourage you all to go and see it!


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Corporate Magician

corporate magicianCorporate Magician


I’m always thrilled to be asked back month after month to one of my favourite clients who book me as a Corporate Magician to entertain their newly recruited employees during their weeks training here in the UK.

They come form all over Europe and Russia, and are always amazed by my magic.

Its a perfect ice breaker for them all to talk about my effects, but most of all they get to watch great magic and mind reading.

I am thrilled that the event organiser who has seen some of my unique effects never gets bored of watching them, as he knows that they are very strong to his new recruits!

So next time you are looking for a corporate magician for hire, please give me a call!

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