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Award Winning London Magician Darryl Rose MIMC has been performing his memorable magic and mind reading around the world for over 20 years. He has earned Life Membership of the Magic Circle, together with the honoured position of being a Member of the INNER Magic Circle with GOLD STAR, one of only 300 in the world to reach the highest accolade a member can achieve!

Mind Reader Magician Darryl Rose

Mind ReaderThanks to the popularity of Derren Brown and his mentor David Berglas, Mentalism today is as popular as ever.

Mind Reader Magician Darryl can read your thoughts and use his psychological powers to read minds.

Darryl has studied NLP techniques together with psychological suggestion, muscle reading and magic creating the perfect environment for mentalism.

Imagine Darryl knowing exactly the name of the card you just thought of, or the colour you are thinking of!


Mind Reader Magician

Mind Reader Darryl was interviewed by Channel 5 for the TV show ‘The Mentalist – Revealed’, which was a documentary about the popular TV series ‘The Mentalist’.  He is an expert in his field and his mind magic went down incredibly well with all the crew and cast.

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