Welcome to The Stars Favourite Party Magician!

Award Winning Party Magician Darryl Rose MIMC has been performing his memorable party magic and mind reading around the world for over 20 years. He has earned Life Membership of the Magic Circle, together with the honoured position of being a Member of the INNER Magic Circle with GOLD STAR, one of only 300 in the world to reach the highest accolade a member can achieve!

Balls Magic

If you are having a University Ball, a College Ball, a Student ball, a Charity Ball, a Summer Ball or even a winter ball, then Balls Magic is the perfect icebreaker to make your guests feel special, and to make your ball go off with a bang!.

Darryl can circulate around your reception performing his award winning close up magic, pick pocketing, Balls Magic and mentalism. He can also circulate around the tables performing his award winning magic from table to table.

Your ball will be talked about for years after the event as magic is the perfect entertainment to break down barriers of guests not knowing each other.

Smiles and laughter is all that Darryl leaves your guests as well as astonishment and joy!


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