Simcha Magic

Award Winning Simcha Magician Darryl Rose MIMC has been performing his memorable party magic and mind reading around the world for over 20 years. He has earned Life Membership of the Magic Circle, together with the honoured position of being a Member of the INNER Magic Circle with GOLD STAR, one of only 300 in the world to reach the highest accolade a member can achieve!

barmitzvah magicianBar Mitzvah Magician

If you are looking for bar mitzvah entertainment, then look no further!

Your son’s Simcha is the most important day in his life, so why not make his bar mitzvah day even more memorable and magical by having some fun and entertaining magic courtesy of The Stars Favourite Magician!

Darryl has been performing his unique and special magic for the last 25 years, and since his own Bar mitzvah has made thousands of people around the country laugh and gasp at his mind reading, magic, pick pocketing and spoon bending.

Darryl can perform his mix and mingle magic during your reception, or perform around your tables until the benching, or even perform his Cabaret during your tea.

Darryl ensures that The Barmizvah Boy gets extra attention on his special day!

Caterers love Darryl as he never gets in their way, and helps to fill in the gaps between their service.


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