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Award Winning London Magician Darryl Rose MIMC has been performing his memorable magic and mind reading around the world for over 20 years. He has earned Life Membership of the Magic Circle, together with the honoured position of being a Member of the INNER Magic Circle with GOLD STAR, one of only 300 in the world to reach the highest accolade a member can achieve!

Restaurant Magic

Restaurant Entertainment magicianRestaurant magic performed by a First Class restaurant magician is the secret ingredient on your menu, which helps to make your restaurant eateries a success.

Darryl uses his table magic to make an impression on your customers, so they want to come back time and time again gaining you valuable customer satisfaction.

Using knives and forks, salt & pepper pots, cards, money and wine bottles, everything that Darryl needs to perform his restaurant magic is normally on the table, so his magic is self contained.

Imagine borrowing a coin then penetrating it through the wine bottle on the table! Amazing magic from an amazing magician!

Restaurant Entertainer

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