Team Building

team buildingIf you are looking for an unusual, fun and inventive idea for Team Building, then get in touch with Darryl for his unique magic team building workshop and seminar.

Along with a trained actor and voice coach, Darryl teaches your group the skills required to prepare them for winning presentations. Through our techniques, we will work with you to find your hidden strengths bringing out confidence and character of the individual and the team.

We will work with your company to find the elements that reflect your needs through our skills in magic, presentation and vocal technique.

With our workshops your team can be taught some secrets and practice new magical skills.
They can learn the secrets on how to hold and control the attention span of your customers, putting them at their ease, whilst gaining confidence in their own abilities.

One of our modules can help interpret the key body language of your customers.

Your team can learn some of the real secrets of magic and misdirection along with acting skills and voice coaching. Your team can learn how to work together in creative thinking and in a magical manor to achieve their objectives.

Once completed, some of your colleagues will perform the Magic to the rest of the group, and you will all will be empowered by the new skills taught.

Our bespoke magic team building seminar can help improve Communication, Presentations, and Time Management.

Modules include:
Prepare winning presentations
Become more charismatic and confident
Hold and control attention spans of customers
Gain confidence in their abilities
Use misdirection just like real magicians
Work together in a creative and magical manor to achieve their objectives
Perform magic just like real magicians
Put customers at their ease
Solve problems magically
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Better Communication
Better Presentations
Create better Time Management

Give Darryl a call on 020 8950 5666 for a no obligation chat.